When scrutinizing applying for an education credit, it is worth to take a closer look at the notion of form 8863 qualified expenses. Basically, they are expenses that are connected with tuition, fees and other financial liabilities that are paid by an eligible student.

Which payments methods can be used fr qualified education expenses?

The above-mentioned type of expenses can be covered by various payment methods- by cash, credit or debit card payment, bank transfer or money from a loan.
General overview of qualified education expenses

In general, qualified expenses are all types of expenses that are paid for the student who is entitled for the American Opportunity Credit or Lifetime Learning Program which are necessary for enrollment or attendance t eligible educational entity. Those expenses should be registered in the course of tax year or during incipient three months of the next tax year.

Form 8863 expenses — in which cases are they qualified?

Qualified expenses enable to obtain tax deduction cover in most cases tuition fees that are mandatory for enrollment or attendance t a particular educational organization. Such items, like for example, books, laboratory equipment, maps, laptops etc. can be regarded as costs eligible for American Opportunity
credit solely when they are fundamental requirement for enrollment in a particular course. For example, a laptop that is necessary for a tech-related course is treated as a qualified expense, whereas a PC which is used for classes overall — not.