Form 8863 for 2016 Instructions

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Form 8863 for 2016 Example

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Form 8863 2016 is a document that enables to obtain credit for various types of expenses that are not necessarily always perceived as indispensably connected with education. The aforementioned document can be a source of valuable help for all those who wish to develop their intellectual abilities and have a limited budget at heir disposal.

What is an aim of 8863 from 2016?

The aforementioned document fulfill basically two functions. To put it shortly, it is utilized to compute and claim education credits. Those so-called education credits are derived from qualified education expenses paid for a concrete entitled post-secondary educational organization. In year 2016, one can select from two educational credits. The first one is the American opportunity credit. Its most salient feature is the fact that part of this credit may be refunded in case f fulfilling a particular requirement. On the other hand, the latter — lifetime learning credit is non-refundable. The main difference between refundable and nonrefundable credit is that the first one can enable you to obtain a refund whereas the other one can be use only for diminishing of tax liability.

Regarding form 8863 for 2016,it is worth mentioning that it makes it possible to apply for both types of credits.